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Focus and Flow. Intro. Geneva, 27.03.2015. Igor Berkhin.

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by Trainyou, 2 years ago
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An introductory talk for the workshop on contemplative and breathing practices by Igor Berkhin and Patrizia Pearl. Geneva 27-29.03.2015.

Contemplative practices are aimed on pacifying our minds, on making us more mindful, more focused, more fluid. We use ancient techniques to remove mental obscurations of disturbing emotions and erroneous thinking and to bring about clarity, serenity and profundity. Breathing is both a support for mental activity and its reflection because both breathing and basic type of attention are regulated by very close ancient areas of our brains. While changing focus of our attention we influence the breathing process whereas changing breathing mode influences our state of mind. Particularly smooth breathing and peaceful mind are very much interdependent. Therefore breathing and meditation techniques are usually coupled together in different systems of contemplative education.

In this introductory workshop we will learn basic principles and methods for controlling attention, regulating emotions, unblocking free flow of breath and nurturing peaceful but at the same time clear and sharp mind.

Igor Berkhin has more than 25 years of experience of practicing Buddhist meditation and more than 12 years of teaching it in both religious and secular contexts being authorized by a prominent Buddhist master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. He created an on-line course «28 days of meditation» for the Russian edition of Yoga Journal and taught a special course «Basics of Meditation for Psychologists and Psychotheurapists» for the students of Moscow Institute of Psychoanalisys, the 1st course ever on meditation for Russian college students.

Besides specialized courses for yoga practitioners, psychologists etc. Igor Berkhin is providing few very special programs. «Cognitive Introspection» is for all those who are seriously interested to deeply study one's mind from the 1st person perspective. «Freedom of Mind» is a popular introduction into understanding and counteracting cognitive distortions and psychological manipulations. «Mindful Thinking» is a training for integrating mindful presence with intellectual activity.

Igor Berkhin is from Donetsk, Ukraine but due to the civil war in that area he had to move and now is temporarily living and teaching in Moscow.